My approach is based on working with you as an individual on your needs
and resources. Therefore, every session blossoms of this very moment and can
vary greatly from the last.
I use all the tools that my experience in different fields has provided me.

Together we work with your resources, sensations, images, movements and thoughts.
Past experiences that have gotten «stuck» in your body and nervous system
that obstruct the flow can be renegotiated and let go of, step by step.
Your nervous system regains its resilience and your whole body system rebalances.

This implies a very subtle form of work, leading you into an ever greater freedom
of choice.

Being freed of old blockages and patterns allows you to come into deeper
awareness of yourself and perceive your surroundings holistically, creating
a wonderful sense of vitality.

According to Peter Levine and many other experienced teachers and researchers,
experiencing your sensations without judging them but accepting them is the pre-
condition for an intense self-awareness and its embodiment.

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