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- Assistance with new and difficult situations in your private or professional life
- Support for deep changes in contact with yourself and others
- Project development and guidance counselling for groups

My work addresses people that are seeking change as well as solutions
for difficult situations in life.

Emotional stability, as well as a clear physical, mental and spiritual balance are
prerequisites for a clear, self-determined life.

Adults that are confronted with new and unfamiliar situations require support
to identify the new possibilities, enabling inner freedom of choice.

Adolescents can benefit from this support for the next step into a responsible
life; «which path shall I choose?» is famously a frequently asked question.

Together we identify resources and discover the previously unknown, which
leads to inner clarity. A great sense of peace, acceptance and inner guidance
help resolving internal blockages, subconscious behavioral patterns and
traumatic experiences.

You move at your own pace towards understanding and realizing.

what you can,
you live and feel,
your truely are